Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday- India!!

I read this article ( ) in New Yorker and share with you the atrocities committed by the inadequate, ignorant, arrogant and indifferent British Raj towards India and Indians, the so called "Jewel in the frickin' crown", during August of 1947 and after when millions of innocent people were killed, raped, maimed, orphaned and rendered homeless in the name of partition and independence.

Mind you- I take anything that mainstream media dishes out with a grain of salt but definitely there is a lot of substance to this article which provoked me to blog about it and forward to you guys to get a general opinion on what your thoughts are.

Our generation arrived within 15 years of 1947 and I am sure many of us were affected directly or indirectly by the repercussions of the events after. I am a malayalee who grew up in a very hostile environment in Bhopal. Today Bhopal is assimilated and a amiable place to live in, not so 40 years ago when immigrants from all over the country were pouring in looking for work and in the process settling down and and raising families. I could write a book detailing the agonies, anguishes and ecstasies( it wasn't all bad... there were some good aspects too.....) of growing up there but I'll save it for another time.

Read and reflect, spare a moment to pray for the innocent citizens all over the world, who pay the price, for games politicians and power mongers play.

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