Thursday, August 23, 2007

A tribute to My Mom.

It was My mother's 3rd death anniversary on August 9th. I think about her everyday and sometimes shed a silent tear, not because she is not here any more ( she is in a happy place now) but the way she had to tolerate injustice and nonsense all her life. Society and Life in general was not fair to her. I know that there are millions of other people who had worse plight than her, but she was my mother and what transpired in her life directly affects me and my siblings. From the time I can remember she worked hard and suffered injustice for the sake of her family. what hurts the most is that it came from the people she trusted with her life. There was nothing much she could do except ride the waves and hope for the best to happen. She prayed everyday for her children and thanks to her prayers and sacrifices we are all in a comfortable place and somewhat in peace.

Her typical day would start at 4.30, do house chores, go to work at 8.00 am, come back from work at 5.00 pm, do more chores till 10.30 pm. She had a short fuse and most of the time she would take it out on us kids. But she loved us and took care of us to the best of her ability. She was the employee of the year in the early 60's at HEIL Bhopal where she worked for close to 40 years and retired a few years back. Defitely an achievement and a shining moment in her life. Her smile could light up a room, when she had that rare occasion to smile.

I wish I could go back in time and make things right for her, even though that would mean questioning my own existence.

Love you, Ma. I know you are happy and in peace wherever you are :-).

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