Friday, July 24, 2015


What does 23 mean to you? Michael Jordan wore #23, Don Mattingly wore #23 in his 14 years as a Yankee. 23 is a significant number for me for a different reason. For me, 23 is a state of mind, perhaps my favorite age, so much that deep inside my heart I still feel like a 23 year old. why? it was coming of age for a way...for all my insecurities, shortcomings, I experienced my first few successes at the age of 23... the sweet smell of success, power, love, I got a small taste of it at 23. that is when I realized that even my life is meaningful. My existence has a purpose. I too can make a difference in this world even if it in a small way.

The light at the end of the tunnel was non existent till I actually thought of the tunnel and started visualizing the tunnel and a slight flicker of a light. God works in strange ways, first it was the Wednesday novenas at the Mahim Church, which led to membership at Gym, a mystery lady who came into my life, managerial position at Kumariyas Hotel, the power and perks :-) that came with it, feeling of being wanted, loved, falling in love. If I were a junkie, it could be stated as my first high from my first hit. it was exhilarating and euphoric. it was happening too fast and just like new money ( people who have financial windfalls and do not know how to handle it), it all went down the tube within a matter of time. So.......23 was good.....24 was bad. But it was a building block on which I learned my lesson and build for years to come.... come to think of it I am still building...the light is shining ever so bright. 

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