Friday, July 24, 2015

Stumbling through life..

As a child growing up, I dreamed of becoming a physician, going to a fancy college in London ( don't know why, maybe because that was the only city that I knew of- after all British had ruled us for over 200 years and I was born in the 60's  a few years after they left) and becoming a fellow at FRCS ( fellow of Royal college of physicians). That dream did not realize due to family constraints. I happened to stumble into newspaper ads for Hospitality management courses in colleges which were out of town. Did not want to take the normal route that most of my schoolmates took, so I applied and got into hospitality management school.

After finishing 3 years of college in HM, my course in life was set to pursue a career in catering industry when I again stumbled into an ad for a major airline seeking flight attendants. thought I will give it a shot even though I did not have a personality for a FA. Surprise, surprise after a 2 year long interview process... I became a FA.

This is it I am going to be a FA for life....or that's what I thought.... 4 years later I stumble into another opportunity to go live in the land of milk and honey.....yep... I did....happily tossed the comfy FA job aside and landed in NY back in hospitality....only to be disillusioned and disappointed. Stumbled into someone who was a Computer Systems Engineer at Columbia Pictures. That laid a thought in my head and head and slept on it for a while. Took some introductory Computer classes and before I know it I was a IT professional. During this time I also stumbled into someone who helped me move to Toronto,  3 years later.......I was a Canadian.

the best of it is yet to come.... I answered a phone call from a young lady who lived in Chicago, as luck would have it, met her a few months later and 11 days later we were married. That was it. Rest of my life was some what planned ahead and there were no major stumbling... or is there? only time will tell.

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